Booking Information

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No. of students : Maximum 105 students 
Duration: Approx. 3-4 hours, including lunch and recess.
Cost per student:  $20 per student. No GST. Accompanying adults free.
Bookings available:  Monday to Friday
  • A confirmation will be emailed to confirm dates and times booked.
  • A detailed excursion plan will be emailed in the term prior to your visit.
  • We recommend that the students eat morning tea on arrival as they’re usually hungry and the sessions can then be run uninterrupted.
  • In normal times, we ask that two parent or carer helpers accompany each class in Terms 2 and 3 to supervise the toasting activity. Able-bodied grandparents are also welcome – we love their stories! 

COVID-19 related booking modifications (as at 10 November 2020) 

  • We will only have one school on site at any one time.
  • We currently cannot have parents or carers accompany excursion groups, unless essential to support particular students.
  • Arrangements for toasting helpers for Terms 2 and 3 2021 are still to be confirmed.

Students play quoits outside as an early playground game

Schools are advised to book as early as possible to secure a date. Most schools book a term or two terms ahead. Bookings are taken in order of receipt.

We usually have a two class minimum of 44 students for bookings. This doesn’t usually apply to classes of students with additional needs. During Covid it is unlikely that we can accommodate single class bookings, however there may be ‘stand by’ spots due to cancellations or changed guidelines.

Visit fees fund staffing, collection management and conservation works and are our sole funding source.  

Please check the calendar for available dates and email the NSW Schoolhouse Museum to request dates and confirm availability. Include:

  • preferred dates 
  • your school
  • grade
  • number of classes
  • number of students
  • postal address and phone number. 

We do not take tentative bookings.


Risk Management Advice and COVID-19 Safety Plan

Risk Management Advice (updated Nov 2020)

Schoolhouse Education COVID-19 Safety Plan (updated Oct 2020)

Risk management advice for At School At War excursion

Schools must bring their own hand sanitiser, first aid kit and emergency medications for their students. All museum staff are trained in e-Emergency, anaphylaxis and emergency asthma procedures. An Epi-Pen, first aid kit and Ventolin reliever is located on site. White bread and golden syrup are used for toasting.


Any confirmed booking that is cancelled within 14 school-term days of the visit will incur a $200 cancellation fee. 

Cancellations due to unexpected changed risks, requirements and restrictions due to COVID-19 will not incur a cancellation fee. Please provide as much notice as possible as it impacts our staff and costs.