Information Sheets


Pen and Ink Set  $5.00

Each set includes 3 nibs, one pen, powdered ink, blotting paper and script. Email us to order.

Pen and ink set contains a pen, three nibs, ink powder, blotting paper and a page of script
Vere Foster’s Copy Book No. 10  $8.00 This is a reproduction Vere Foster’s Copy Book No. 10 – Ornamental Lettering. The Vere Foster writing copy books were used in NSW schools for handwriting lessons. Email us to order. Reproduction Copy Book 10

Pre and Post Visit

Social Story – Stage 1 social story in an inclusive format

Pre and Post Visit Suggestions  – a list of ideas

Writing Tools Through Time – an animation 

How Times Change – best watched after your visit, this digital teaching and learning resource features the NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education. Note: Please view after your visit as it does spoil some of the surprises if watched before.

Teaching History

AC History Units and Teaching History – comprehensive resource with units of learning and explanations, with examples, on how to teach historical concepts and skills

Teacher’s Guides and Analysis Tools – scaffolds for analysing primary sources – Library of Congress 

Using Primary Sources in the classroom – Library of Congress

History for those new to Teaching the Subject – explanations and strategies for teaching history – NSW Department of Education 2010

History K-10 Syllabus – NSW syllabus for the Australian Curriculum – NESA NSW

Guide to Using Picture Books in History K-10 – comprehensive listing of suggested picture books and some teaching and learning activities – NSW Department of Education 2017

Students use magnifiers to examine early photographs of school children