School Anniversaries

We have a small hire collection available for school anniversaries covering a range of eras. Due to high demand, we can only hire to schools who have booked for or regularly visit on school excursions. It is the school’s responsibility to collect and return items to the NSW Schoolhouse Museum and to protect items whilst in transit and during the hire period. Please note that we can only accommodate a few requests each term.

Contact us by email for availability and pricing. Please provide:

  • name of your school
  • contact person and mobile number
  • school address and phone number
  • preferred date of collection and return (only on school days between 1.30 and 3.00)
  • items you would like to hire
  • how you plan to use the items
  • how you plan to transport the items
  • date/s of excursion booked or date of last visit.

Sets of slate boards can be hired for school anniversaries



Phone: 02 9805 1186