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History of Education in NSW

History of NSW Government Schools – searchable index, NSW Department of Education

History of Australian Education – links to various sites

Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) history – includes timeline of NSW Aboriginal Education History

A NSW Aboriginal Education Timeline 1788–2007 by Dr Allison Cadzow for the Board of Studies NSW, 2007 

Glossary of School Types – the various types of schools since 1848, NSW Department of Education

NSW Public Instruction Act of 1880, and Regulations, with Instructions to Teachers (PDF 6.8MB) – 1880 NSW syllabus 

NSW School Children and the Anzacs – resource drawing on primary sources to describe the contribution and experiences of NSW school children during the First World War, NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education

NSW Schools and the Anzacs – an outline of the contribution NSW school children made at school for the First World War, NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education

Teacher Training Requirements – a timeline by Carole Riley, genealogy researcher and author

Audio-visual education in NSW, Education Gazette May 1964 – scanned extract from The Education Gazette, May 1964, outlining the production and distribution of filmstrips by the Visual Education Centre of the NSW Department of Education.

Tales Out of School: A Nostalgic Insight into Education for Parents, Teachers and All Those Who Attended School (PDF 23.9MB) – written by local historian Alex McAndrew, self-published by author in 2014

Records and Related Stories by Museums of History NSW (formerly NSW State Archives and Records)

School Records Guide – records relating to schools 

School Student Records Guide – information on pupil records and early school photos 

School photographs (NRS-15051) – digitised photographs of public schools and students 

Empire Day / Commonwealth Day – posters, programs, photographs and information 

NSW Correspondence School – photographs and brief explanations 

School Travelling Hospital General, Ophthalmic and Dental Clinics – photographs and brief explanations

History of North Ryde 

Aboriginal History of Ryde – Ryde City Council

Ryde Library Services – has a collection of historical photographs of the local area.

Trove – description of Mr Joseph Cox’s Farm, North Ryde published on 1 April 1882 in The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser.

Trove – description of Our Surroundings – North Ryde published on 8 November 1902 in the The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate.

Ryde Historical Society – information on the local area.

North Ryde Public School

North Ryde Public School class photos 1890-1954 on Flickr – NSW Schoolhouse Museum

North Ryde Public School Celebrating 125 Years 1877-2002 (PDF 14.5MB) – history of North Ryde Public School

North Ryde Public School website – the current school’s website

Museums Sector

Trove – a wealth of information online –National Library of Australia. Harvests from online collections and includes digitised newspapers, journals, diaries, photographs, maps, books, etc.

eHive – searchable museum collections, including the collection of the NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education

Museums and Galleries of NSW – state organisation for the museums sector

Australian Museums and Galleries Association – national organisation for the museums sector

Schoolhouse Museums in NSW – archived listing on Pandora Web Archive, National Library of Australia, originally published by the NSW Department of Education.