Location Hire

The NSW Schoolhouse Museum is one of the oldest public school buildings in Sydney. It has fully restored schoolrooms representing three different periods in education: 1870s-1900s, 1910s-1940s and 1950s-1960s. Each room is furnished with authentic desks, school furniture, teaching resources and equipment. 

The site is occasionally available for hire by commercial companies for film shoots. Due to the present high demand by visiting schools, the site is usually only available during school holidays, and depending on staff availability. We cannot accommodate site hire requests for student film making or low-budget productions.

Pricing is available on enquiry and depends on the number of spaces to be used, length of time and additional equipment required. Please provide:

  • contact person
  • company
  • contact number
  • spaces required
  • dates and times
  • purpose of the site hire and proposed use of the spaces
  • number of people expected on site
  • contact details for invoicing purposes.

1877 schoolroom

Interior of 1877 room showing timber stepped floor, timber long toms, forms, cedar teacher's desk, fireplace and cedar book press

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1910 classrooms

Interior of 1910 rooms showing timber and iron dual desks, fireplaces, timber floors and concertina door between rooms

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1950s classroom

Interior of 1950-60 room showing timber desks and chairs and maps and charts on walls

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Email: info@schoolhousemuseum.org.au

Phone: 02 9805 1186