Dates available are shown with a green ‘Available’ bar which sits below the date and yellow ‘Term & Week’ bar. ‘1 class availability’ means we can accommodate one Stage 1 class of up to 33 students, and occasionally two small Stage 1 classes. ‘BOOKED’ means the day has been filled and is not available. The calendar is best viewed on a computer or tablet. 

Calendar update 7 February 2020: We have a couple of dates available in Term 1 and Term 2 for single classes of up to 33 students or two small classes that total up to 50 students. We’re pretty good at accommodating special requests for dates, programs and tricky numbers so email us your request and we’ll see how we go.

Please email the NSW Schoolhouse Museum to confirm availability of dates, our phones are not staffed daily. Include your school, grade, number of classes, number of students and contact details. Email is checked daily. Phone messages are collected less regularly. 

Occasionally dates are available for single classes but are not shown on the calendar so please email us if you have a single class of up to 33 students.


Phone/Fax: 02 9805 1186

Tips: If the calendar is slow to load use this calendar link. The calendar may not load in Explorer, try Google Chrome.