School Children and the Anzacs

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Community and Remembrance – School Children and the Anzacs

Stage 2 Community and Remembrance: School Children and the Anzacs commemorates Anzac Day, the Armistice and the First World War. This immersive program builds inquiry skills and understandings of the foundations and significance of Anzac Day through the perspective of 1914-1918 school students. 

Inquiry questions

  • What is the nature of the contribution made by NSW school children to the First World War?
  • What is the significance of Anzac Day and how and why do people remember it?

Weighing potatoes

Source-based Learning Activities

Through source analysis, historical re-enactment and immersion in the past students will develop an understanding of the:

  • origins and significance of Anzac Day
  • contribution of school children to the local community in supporting the war effort.

Using 1915-1918 sources, students will be immersed into the home front during the First World War from a school child’s perspective. 

They will undertake a range of genuine hands-on activities in an authentic 1900s school setting such as writing a message of support to a soldier, rolling and folding bandages, spinning fleece into yarn, creating a 3D model of a military camp, recreating an Empire Day tableau, practising cadet drill and weighing vegetables for fundraising.

Military camp model

Stories of North Ryde local boys who enlisted, and young teachers at the front, will be woven throughout the activities to build empathy and understanding.

Sources include The School Magazine, The Public Instruction Gazette, The Education Gazette, photographs and other images. Note: The NSW Schoolhouse Museum does not hold war artefacts or war memorabilia.

To help sustain role as a First World War school pupil, students are encouraged to dress as 1900s school children.

Download sample excursion plans from our Typical Visit page.

Note: The NSW Schoolhouse Museum does not hold artefacts or memorabilia relating to the wars.

Brushing fleece


  • School Children and the Anzacs is available all year – see our Calendar for available dates.
  • Suitable for Stage 2, and Stage 5 History Life Skills, maximum 105 students. 
  • Cost $24.00 per student, accompanying adults free.

Risk Management Advice

Risk management advice for At School At War excursion 

NSW School Children and the ANZACs

A brief explanation of the contribution of NSW school children through World War 1 is available on the page NSW school children and the ANZACs

For more information, sources and learning activities, go to the supporting learning resource NSW School Children and the Anzacs.