North Ryde’s first teacher

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Charles James Crew Teacher at North Ryde Public School.

Mr Crew was appointed as the first teacher at North Ryde Public School, originally called City View PS, in 1878, having previously taught at Goulburn Church of England School. A total of 45 pupils were enrolled and increased to 53 in the first week. There were, however, frequent absences because farming families were dependant on the help of their children to work on their farms. Mr Crew encountered more problems as the schoolhouse was invaded by termites within the first year.

Mr Crew’s health began to deteriorate in 1879, due to a lung infection, and he passed away on 11th August 1880, aged 36. Sadly, Mr Crew left a widow and six young children. What became of Mrs Crew and her children, nobody knows. This 1878 newspaper article documents his appointment.