History Links

History of Education in NSW

History of NSW Government Schools – searchable and very comprehensive

History of Australian Education – links to various sites

School in the 1940s, ABC Splash – video produced in 1973  that includes footage of students at school and reminisces of school days

NSW Public Instruction Act of 1880, and Regulations, with Instructions to Teachers – this is the 1880 NSW syllabus available as a PDF

Schooling Australia Project – has made the NSW Primary English Syllabus for the years 1905, 1916, 1922, 1925, 1928, and 1932 available as PDFs

State Records NSW – Index to Schools and Related Records – for school records and school photographs 

State Records NSW Archives in Brief – use this gateway for information on pupil records and early school photos

At School At War

Research and Adopt a Veteran – new resource from DoE using the historical inquiry process to research a local First World War veteran. Suggests using a range of sources including diaries to obtain first hand accounts.

NSW Public School Educators in WW1 & WW2 – includes biographical details of NSW public school teachers and education department officers who served in the First and Second World Wars. Part 1, from page 348, describes First World War contributions from the home front made by NSW public school students and staff.

Researching a soldier from WW1  – step-by-step process from the Australian War Memorial to research the people behind the names on your school honour board. Once the full name is known from the Embarkation Roll, find the digitised First World War service records online at National Archives Australia Discovering Anzacs.

Film – Engineers Camp, Moore Park, Sydney 1914-1918 (Australian War Memorial) – (Marching 00:00–02.00; Semaphore flag signalling 05:00–06:30)

Film – Empire Day Pageant c1915 (Screen Australia)

Patriotic Fundraising: Public School Children Help Out – sources and information (State Records NSW)


North Ryde PS Empire Day Tableau 1934

Image: Empire Day tableau, North Ryde PS, 1934.  Empire Day in Australia

History of North Ryde 

Ryde Historical Society – information on the local area including a description of a farm down the road from North Ryde PS, written in 1902 providing a vivid picture of the surrounding area.

Ryde Library Services – has a collection of historical photographs of the local area.

North Ryde Public School

North Ryde Public School class photos 1890-1954 on Flickr – NSW Schoolhouse Museum

North Ryde Public School website – the current school’s website

Museums Sector

Trove – a wealth of information online – National Library of Australia. Includes digitised newspapers, journals, diaries, photographs, maps, books, etc.

eHive – searchable museum collections (often smaller museums)

Museums and Galleries of NSW – the state organisation for the museums sector

Museums Australia – the national organisation for the museums sector

Collections Australia Network (CAN) – information and resources (an archived site)