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Museum teacher teaching drill with a class of boys and girls.


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When students come to visit at the museum one of the activities they do is drill.   Military drill was used to instill discipline in schools. In the Report to the Minister of Public Instruction  1880, it was reported that due to the unsatisfactory progress of the teaching of military drill in public schools, “the […]

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Students skipping around the maypole in front of the NSW Schoolhouse Museum

Maypole dancing

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If you drive past,  you may notice the maypole set up in front of the museum. This is a favourite activity of many of the children who visit. Maypole dancing originated as part of the May Day celebrations in the Northern Hemisphere and celebrated the first day of spring. Children in NSW public schools performed […]

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Museum teacher helping student use the jelly pad.

A jelly pad duplicator

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This young pupil is using a jelly pad (gelatine hectograph) at the NSW Schoolhouse Museum to print a map of Australia into his workbook. Before photocopiers, teachers reproduced worksheets for their students using a variety of inventive methods. If you were schooled in the 1960s you might remember the purple stencils with their distinctive metho […]

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A collection of old bottles, a set of scales, a stereoscope and a bar bell on a wooden desk

Tropfest 2013 Trailer

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Tropfest came to the Schoolhouse Museum last November to film the promotion trailer for Tropfest 2013. View the Tropfest trailer. The Museum is sometimes hired for film and commercial locations as we are such a unique location and have so many original artefacts and costumes in our collection.  We also have furniture and equipment for hire.  […]

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The Wiggles posing outside Schoolhouse Museum

Wiggley Visitors

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In early February we had the Wiggles come to do some filming. They were seen dancing around the maypole and had their photo taken with the school principal. The Schoolhouse Museum may feature in their next DVD!

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