Information Sheets


Pen and Ink Set  $5.00

Each set includes 3 nibs, one pen, powdered ink, blotting paper and script. Email us to order.

Pen and ink set contains a pen, three nibs, ink powder, blotting paper and a page of script
Vere Foster’s Copy Book No. 10  $8.00 This is a reproduction Vere Foster’s Copy Book No. 10 – Ornamental Lettering. The Vere Foster writing copy books were used in NSW schools for handwriting practice. Email us to order. Reproduction Copy Book 10

Pre and Post Visit Resources

Social Story – Stage 1 social story in an inclusive format

Pre and Post Visit Suggestions  – a list of ideas

Writing Tools Through Time – an animation 

How Times Change – best watched after your visit, this digital teaching and learning resource features the NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education. Note: Please view after your visit as it does spoil some of the surprises if watched before.

Teaching History

AC History Units and Teaching History – comprehensive resource with units of learning and explanations, with examples, on how to teach historical concepts and skills

Teacher’s Guides and Analysis Tools – scaffolds for analysing primary sources – Library of Congress 

Using Primary Sources in the classroom – Library of Congress

History for those new to Teaching the Subject – explanations and strategies for teaching history – NSW Department of Education 2010

History K-10 Syllabus – NSW syllabus for the Australian Curriculum – NESA NSW

Guide to Using Picture Books in History K-10 – comprehensive listing of suggested picture books and some teaching and learning activities – NSW Department of Education 2017

Students use magnifiers to examine early photographs of school children